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Jul. 24th, 2017 11:36 am


aj: (school)
[personal profile] aj
To-do list for this week. Only 3 didn't get finished last week!

1. Finish reading for this week.
2. Do reading for next week.
3. Read articles for research paper.
4. Do annotated bibliography.
5. Start research paper.
6. Eat breakfast at home all week. two days.
7. Clean litter box five four times.
8. Vacuum living room and bed room.
9. Do laundry.
10. Pay rent.
11. Pay electric bill.
12. Get massage.
13. Go to gym once.
14. Push through terror over doing school work and actually do the school work.
15. Finish leftovers.

Ugh. School is grinding down. Last class and all my big work is due August 3. Luckily, I took 3 days off this week and next, so I'm going to buckle down and just WORK for five days. This last Saturday is the last day off I get until everything is turned in. I celebrated by sleeping for sixteen hours and returning cat brushes. \o/

Jul. 22nd, 2017 12:16 am


[personal profile] barkley
Kumail Nanjiani, in an interview in Larry Wilmore's podcast Black on Air, told of how he and his now wife experienced her coma in two completely different ways. This major thing that they both went through from completely opposite perspectives shapes their lives and memories differently.

That quote stuck with me for some reason, and I am experiencing that a bit with Foyle's War. Foyle is a detective on the south coast of England during WWII. It's removed enough to be a show about a small town detective and his plucky driver (she is awesome), and yet close enough to have WWII overshadow everything and inform the said standard detective show in ways not generally handled. The first episode had a smooth talking nazi in town to play on the fear of the imminent threat of invasion from right across the channel and entreating people to play their cards right so they will survive in the new world order. I don't know that I've ever seen a WWII from quite that perspective of some random civilian who didn't know what tomorrow or the next day or year would bring, but still living in a relatively comfortable style, separated from the up front fighting. I say all that to say in an early episode, as a small aside, some civilian boats go off to Dunkirk.

And in the universal friend contract, I have a standing date with one of my friends to watch every Tom Hardy movie.

So, Dunkirk.

In a week in which I got very minimal sleep (I'd say 18 hours over last 5 nights), I sat down in the comfy seat, put my feet up, and the lights went down and I...
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Jul. 18th, 2017 01:37 pm

And now, in fannish news...

vaznetti: (god will dance for john)
[personal profile] vaznetti
1. I am pleased about the new Doctor -- as much as I am ever pleased by cast changes on Doctor Who. Normally I spend about half a season not sure about the new Doctor or Companion and then decide that I love them. I will certainly miss Moffat and his addiction to ridiculous time travel shenanigans and Time Lordish female characters, but I expect that Chibnall will be fine, and will bring something new and interesting to the show.

2. I am, as usual at this point in the challenge, eying the [community profile] crossovering tag set and wondering about signing up for it. I haven't yet, but who knows, maybe this will be the year for it! There are certainly many interesting possibilities there. The problem with crossovers is that there are stories I want, but I want them in a very specific way.

3. GAME OF THRONES IS BACK!!! and I am feeling all the love )

4. I am still rereading old XF fic. Thank goodness, there is a lot of it, and a lot of it is still worth reading. I do miss Krycek, that cranky, violent, uncooperative asshole (to quote a friend). He was fun to write. (On which note, self, do not write your Thomas Nightingale/Alex Krycek crossover idea. It is not a good idea. No one will read it.)

5. A crossover people would read: Tony Stark and the Westeros Starks. In New York? In Westeros? There is a lot of good crossover potential in the MCU/ASOIAF thing.
Jul. 17th, 2017 04:35 pm

I am exhausted and it's Monday.

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[personal profile] aj
Things to do/upcoming this week:

1. Turn in new student hiring paperwork.
2. Inform those who were not hired.
3. Finish GS reading for next week. 65% complete.
4. Book Club on Wednesday.
5. Update written help pages.
6. Finish reading/responding to weekly news articles.
7. Find/post next week's news article.
8. Start reviewing material for my annotated bib/research paper.
9. Make an appointment for help in finding materials for above.
10. Pick up niece+her husband from train and deliver to other train.
11. Dinner w/parents and in-town people.
12. Wash sheets and change bedding for in-town people.
13. Do dishes.
14. Put away dishes.
15. Clear off table.
16. Clean litterbox.
17. Make sure to do work social media 3 times this week.
18. Make rice for lunches.
19. Attend work training.
20. Attend work training #2.
21. Get quarters for laundry.
Jul. 15th, 2017 10:30 pm

genex author letter

maidenjedi: (Default)
[personal profile] maidenjedi
Super excited about this exchange (as I am about them all, really). It isn't very often that there are opportunities for gen fic in this manner.

So, dear author, here are some things you should know generally, and then under the cut are some fandom-specific thoughts.

I like world-building, stories that take place in unexpected places or that include some detail about surroundings. I like character-driven stories, ones that include backstory or off-screen speculation and events. I'm fond of secondary and minor characters, their perspectives on the bigger events. I like main characters, too, and getting different viewpoints from them. Angst is my cup of tea, though not sexual violence of any kind.   Non-canonical character death is okay if it furthers your story.  Seeing as how this is a gen exchange, and some of my requests are more traditionally shippy, I need to clarify that I really enjoy friendship stories or stories that deal with non-romantic aspects of a relationship that may BE romantic later. Team-building is awesome, partnerships between people who aren't very connected in canon or have very little screentime otherwise.

Okay, on to the fandoms.

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Jul. 14th, 2017 08:26 pm

linen linens

loligo: Scully with blue glasses (Default)
[personal profile] loligo
Linen is totally my heritage fabric. Peruse the Etsy listings of linen sheet sellers from Lithuania, Latvia and Belarus and enjoy their poetic descriptions of linen's magical qualities. Yeah, they're trying to sell you something, but some of the sentiment is real.

My grandparents and their friends all had linen table linens, pillow covers, and other home decor objects woven in folkloric patterns. They had embroidered linen folkloric shirts to wear to festivals. But as far as I know, none of them had linen bed linens. (At least, my grandparents didn't. I did not go around peeking at their friends' beds when we visited, but I can say that if linen sheets had been trendy among her social circle, my grandmother would certainly have gotten some.)

I always wondered about that. It's one of the original uses for linen, obviously. Were they just too expensive? Or are cotton sheets that much better?

Now linen sheets are becoming trendier, and I've been keeping my eye on prices. West Elm finally had a big sale on a discontinued color, so I took my chance and bought some.

Reader, I love them. But opinions in my household are mixed.

I particularly love the top sheet. It is both heavier and airier than a cotton sheet because of the thicker thread and looser weave. For me, this is ideal for summer, because I really enjoy the comforting sensation of having something over me while I sleep, but then I get too hot. The linen is much more breathable. And though it is a bit rougher than cotton, that doesn't bother me a bit.

The roughness is more noticeable in the bottom sheet and pillow case. It's not prickly at all -- it's just more texture than I'm used to. I still like it (in fact I like it more and more the longer I sleep on it), but this is the aspect that Andy objects to. And he doesn't like to have a top sheet on him at all in summer, so he doesn't see the magic weight + breathability combo as being worth the trade-off.

If he really complains, we may revert to linen top sheet and cotton bottom sheet. Apparently that is a combo that works for a lot of people. But since the sheets will supposedly get softer every time we wash and dry them, we may come to a natural compromise eventually anyway.

Now I'm looking forward to finding out how well they work for winter sleeping!
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