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Bosco running. They ended it with Bosco running.

Thank you, John Wells.

It was a little clunky in spots, but it still got me good. I swear, that scene in the lobby when Swersky dismissed them, you could tell the actors were as sad and moved as their characters. And that was fine by me.

I had a feeling Cruz was gonna die, but it still shocked me. On her terms, all the way. But poor Manny, leaving roses at her grave! Awwww!

The second Carlos went to see Doc, I started bawling. Two seconds before Carlos said it, I said, "I miss them so much!"

And oh, oh, those last moments with Ty and Sully! Sully could hardly even speak; his partnership with Ty restored his faith in himself which had been gone since Ty's father died. And now it was over. *bawls*

The whole where-are-they-now was just perfect. I loved that they didn't forget DK and Billy and the rest of the bucket boys; they'd been on the show longer than some of the stars, after all. Swersky herding his 12 grandkids, heheheh. Kim and Jimmy have another baby! Carlos has a family, awwww! Sasha as a politician! Love it! Ty and Brendan in Anti-Crime, just like their dads. So VERY cool. (Except Brendan needs to lose the soul patch, pronto.) And ya know, as much as Fred and Faith's marriage was a huge part of the fabric of this show, I was glad to see her with Captain Miller at the end; that part of her life is over, and a new part is beginning. Seems fitting she would end up someone who not only doesn't resent her job, but who really can understand how very good she is at it. That was something Fred never could.

Of course, my very favorite: "Bosco, hell, Bosco's doing what he's always done. Going balls out, every job, every day, being the police." And running. RUNNING.


Then, to end it all, "Crap."

Hee! Sully, you ornery cuss, I'm going to miss the hell out of you.

Damn. I wish it wasn't over.

When is this show finally coming out on DVD? When, when??
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