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From the [ profile] fannish5 and all over my flist:

What are your five favorite canonical romances?

Hunh. Every last one of them is a long-term marriage, although of very different stripes.

1. Alison and Joe DuBois, Medium.
Until FNL arrived, this was the most real-feeling marriage on the air. The way they interact with each other, the way they raise their family together, the way they love each other, it's all just there as a fact of life for these two. They're awesome.

2. Coach and Mrs. Coach, Friday Night Lights.
Tami's feet on top of Eric's is the perfect image for them. That, and the fight under the table at the last-minute party. And when she told they were having another child. Oh, hell, everything about them is incredible.

3. Faith and Fred Yokas, Third Watch.
I never saw a couple really FIGHT on television before I saw them. Not just stupid sitcom arguing, but full-on 'I know you better than anyone and I know where you will bleed' fights. But it wasn't all that they were; their frustration was a function of the stress of Faith's job, the size of their apartment, trying to raise two kids in said small apartment, trying to figure out what they wanted in life, living with the wreckage of their families, the tragedies and disasters that befell them, and on and on and on. They had such fierce love for each other, too, which made their inexplicable breakup all the more inexplicable. They'd gotten through worse together, so they should have survived that too. But they didn't.

4. Frank and Joyce, Hill Street Blues.
Marriage made sexy. Smart made sexy. They were just flat-out sexy.

5. Luke and Laura Spencer, General Hospital.
The greatest thing about these two is that 25 years after their world-famous wedding, after all kinds of breakups and disappearances and traumas, you watch the way Luke looks at Laura, with that adoring gaze full of shock, awe, and devotion, like after all this time together he still can't really believe she loves him back, and it is physically impossible not to cry. Their reunion last year was absolutely magical, even if the re-wedding itself was a let-down.


In unrelated news, my husband rocks. I don't say that often enough.
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