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Yay, the author names have been revealed for Yuletide! My, my, my, my friends are sneaky and excellent authors! Several of the stories I recced were written by you guys. :)

[ profile] mandysbitch, congrats on The War At Home. LOVED it, and I for one am MOST appreciative that you got Stephanie out of her rut. If only Evanovich could do so!

And [ profile] therealjae wrote Sun of a New Season and 40 Miles North of Presidio AND Falling Quiet. Sneaky! I suppose I should have guessed you'd write FNL. Heh.

I was completely wrong about the authors of Strangers in a Strange Land (it felt like a [ profile] vaznetti crossover to me!) and We'll Take What We Can Carry, and We'll Leave The Rest (my guess was [ profile] hossgal), but brava to the real authors, hyperfocused and luzdeestrellas, respectively.

And my very own gift, my beloved A Can of Beer and Thou, was written by Zortified, who I am astonished I didn't know before now. How can someone who knows Bosco that well have gone unnoticed by me before?


My own story was a Rescue Me fic, Breaking the Ice, for [ profile] starlurker. I don't have much to say about the writing process for this, because it just popped out of me fully formed just when I least expected it. But if [ profile] starlurker is reading this, I want to say I actually TRIED to write the Luke/Noah story you wanted for ATWT, but it kept meandering and never took off into anything more than one brief scene. But I was so pleased and excited to have seen the prompt (I love ATWT, and it's hard to find people online who do), and I wish I could have fulfilled that one for you too.

Now it is time to wander off and see if some of my other friends wrote things in fandoms I am familiar with, so I can read and enjoy them. [ profile] jesshelga? [ profile] orangetip? Will I know your fandoms?
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More [ profile] yuletide recs, before the big reveal:

New Cuisine -- Rex Stout's Nero Wolfe series. Saul and Fritz, I never would have imagined it. But this writer made it plausible, and enjoyable.

We'll Take What We Can Carry, and We'll Leave The Rest -- Fried Green Tomatoes (movie). Made me cry. I think I recognized the author's tone, and if I'm right, hats off to you, my friend.

The Merry-Go-Round Broke Down -- Who Framed Roger Rabbit?. I love, love, LOVE stories that can do the tone of canon pitch-perfect, and this story does it brilliantly. Sheer genius.

All Your Cares Beguile -- Stephen King's The Stand. Nick and Larry (my two favorite characters) have a conversation. I'm not a slash girl so I don't know why I was drawn to this, but I was, and it got me.

Halfway Enough -- Friends. I stopped watching Friends a few years before it ended, but I followed along enough to know what happened in the end. This is a nice, believable post-script.

and still more tomorrow -- Remington Steele. I must confess, I loved Remington Steele not because of Steele or even Laura (who was my 2nd favorite), but because of Murphy. I never loved it as much after he left. Oh, MURPH.

The Fearless Moral Inventory of Millhouse Van Houten -- The Simpsons. Millhouse grows up, but he's still in love with Lisa. This is wonderful -- the voices are just right.

I'm almost afraid to rec this, because it is VERY BAD AND WRONG, but sometimes you just need a little WRONGNESS in your life. So if you haven't yet, check out Why Sex Ed Should Stay in Schools (Sesame Street). Consider it the Care Bears BDSM of Yuletide 2007.

Finally, The War at Home -- Janet Evanovich's Stephanie Plum series. A must-read for anyone who's read or given up on this series. The Yuletide author managed to do what Evanovich herself cannot: she got Stephanie moving out of the rut she's been in too long. I was upset at first by the way she did it (no spoilers!), but I have to admit it was needed, and it worked. Plus, Tank and Lula! I'm a few novels behind; is that canon? It should be!

I'm getting very curious about the reveal; there have been a few where I think I recognize the authors -- and I am DYING to know who knows Third Watch so well they were able to write such a perfect Bosco in less than a day. If they're not already on my flist, THEY WILL BE.
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Title: 5 Times Faith Almost Applied for a New Partner, But Didn't After All
Fandom: Third Watch
Summary: See title.
Rating: Gen, some het, PG-13.
Notes: Because [ profile] leadensky asked for the 5-things meme, and she doesn’t even know the show! What a pal. This one definitely could have used a beta.

5 Times Faith Almost Applied for a New Partner, But Didn't After All )
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Title: Five People Bosco Pulled Over But Didn’t Give a Ticket To
Fandom: Third Watch
Summary: See the title.
Rating: Gen, PG-13.
Notes: [ profile] barkley asked for this one here. This is my first attempt at fanfic in a long, long while. It felt good. Probably could have used a beta, though. Maybe next time.

Five People Bosco Pulled Over But Didn’t Give a Ticket To )
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